Behavioral Interview Questions

In addition to regular interview questions, many hiring managers also have a list of behavioral questions that measure the applicant’s work experience as well as his/her ability to recall events and present a response in a professional manner. By knowing the most common behavioral questions ahead of time, applicants can be prepared to give a clear, well-thought response when presented with the opportunity to do so. The following are several examples of common behavioral questions and the most ideal response for each.


Explain How You Have Adapted To A Change In A Previous Job

This question is intended to make applicants think about a time when they have had to confront a changing environment and responded positively to the change. By hearing the applicant’s answer, the hiring manager will decide whether he/she seems competent enough to handle a work environment that is constantly changing. The ideal way to respond to this question is to provide a situation in which the daily routine of a previous job was disrupted by new management or a project that required employees to think outside of the box.


Describe A Project Or Idea That Was Implemented Because Of Your Efforts

This question is intended to show the applicant’s ability to cause change in his/her work environment by going above and beyond what was asked of him/her. Providing an example of a situation in which the applicant affected his/her co-workers or the outcome of a project shows the hiring manager that he/she has the potential to think of the task at hand as well as the future prospects of the company.


Give An Example Of A Time You Had To Address An Angry Customer. How Did You Handle It?

This question may seem rigged, but it is the most down-to-Earth question that can be asked in an interview. While the applicant should not forget that he/she is in a formal work environment and should maintain his/her professional behaviour, this question allows the applicant to discuss a personal encounter with the interviewer that will demonstrate both personal and professional qualities.


Do You Consider Yourself A Macro Or Micro Manager? How Do You Delegate?

This question requires an amount of business-oriented knowledge, simply because the interviewer will use words that many people may not understand right away. The difference between a macro manager and a micro manager is that macro managers confront tasks in respect to the overall goals of the company, while micro managers confront tasks head-on as they need to be done. A company cannot function without both micro and macro managers, so there is no wrong answer to this question. The phrase, “How do you delegate?“ simply means “How do you exhibit qualities of both a macro and micro manager?“ The best way for an applicant to answer this question is to give examples of how he/she is able to perform daily tasks as they need to be done while also planning ahead for future projects and tasks.

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