The Highest Paying Jobs

While the highest paying career opportunities change every year due to new industries and products, there are several job positions that have always provided workers with good salaries. From medicine to mathematics, the following careers are sure to pay well.



While surgeons earn the most amount of money, any position in the medical field that involves a Doctorates Degree will earn workers well over $100,000 each year. Currently, surgeons earn an average salary of $219,770, followed by anesthesiologists who earn $211,750, orthodontists who earn $206,190, obstetricians and gynecologists who earn $204,470, general practitioners who earn $168,550, psychiatrists who earn $163,660, pediatricians who earn $161,410, and dentists who earn $156,850.


Chief Executives

Although a difficult position to obtain that takes many years of loyalty and hard work, Chief Executives of companies earn an average annual salary of $167,280. However, Chief Executives may earn more depending on the specific company they are working for and the achievements they have made.



Like Chief Executives, entrepreneurs can expect salaries that are much higher than that of the average worker. Depending on the success of an entrepreneur, he/she may earn anywhere between $50,000 and several million dollars each year. However, entrepreneurs often fail many times before they succeed in business and may lose large amounts of money before a high paying salary is achieved.



Often compared to that of a doctor, a lawyer’s annual salary may range between $60,000 and $130,000, depending on whether he/she has his/her own firm or working for someone else, how long he/she has been practicing law, and how successful he/she is in winning cases. Likewise, judges and magistrates can also expect high salaries of well over $100,000 each year, depending on his/her level of experience.



In addition to these other careers, engineers and other scientists can expect very high salaries when working in specific fields. For example, a nuclear engineer can expect an average annual salary of $100,350. An engineer’s salary will vary depending on where he/she is working at and in what conditions he/she must face, the company he/she is working for, and the type of work he/she is performing.



Like engineers, mathematicians perform a wide variety of tasks that will impact their annual salary. However, the average annual salary of a mathematician is $93,920. Mathematicians may be involved in serious work concerning physics, financial aspects of a company, or agricultural work for the government. Although their specific tasks may vary, mathematicians are always paid well for their expertise.

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