How to Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a letter that is attached to a resume to provide the hiring manager with more information about an applicant. While a resume is used to provide factual information about the applicant that can be used to match his/her skills and experience with a specific job, a cover letter is used to provide a personal touch to the resume that includes the applicant’s reasons for applying for the job, personal qualities that he/she will bring to the company, and a brief description of the applicant’s ambitions and goals.


Give Reasons Why You Want The Job

The first section of a cover letter should describe why the applicant wants the job he/she is applying for. These reasons may include things like furthering his/her career, participating in the advancements the company has made, or gaining skills and experience for futureĀ careerĀ opportunities. These reasons should not, however, include things like needing the money, a friend or relative works at the same company, or he/she is bored.


Supplement Your Resume

The next objective of a cover letter is to supplement the applicant’s resume with anything that was not mentioned in his/her resume. While the applicant has already mentioned his/her experience and skills in his/her resume, he/she should mention personal experiences that would aid in his/her employment at the company, personal qualities that are not strictly skill-related, and other personal matters that would help get the job.


Explain Negative Factors

Additionally, a cover letter allows the applicant to explain any negative qualities on his/her resume, such as a lack of work experience or education. If an applicant gives good reasons for why he/she does not have enough experience, such as young age, and can include qualities that make up for these negative factors, the hiring manager may overlook them. However, the applicant should not include things such as lack of available job openings or laziness as reasons for not having the experience and education expected of him/her.

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