Job Interview Questions and Answers

Because job interview questions can often catch applicants off-guard and cause them to think critically, many applicants will stumble with their replies and not give the best response they would have if they had expected the question ahead of time. In order to be prepared for interview questions, it is important for applicants to know of common interview questions and the answers the hiring manager is expecting. The following are several examples of such questions.


Tell Me About Yourself

This is the most common interview question and is used to throw the applicant off guard. While most applicants will be surprised by this question and start rambling about their personal lives, it is unwise to do so because the applicant will most likely bore the hiring manager and start the interview with a bad first impression. Instead, the applicant should simply give one or two sentences of his/her skills and experience, providing specific examples of previous work history if possible.


Do You Consider Yourself Successful

Whether the question is worded as “Do you consider yourself successful?” or “How do you measure success?”, the applicant should always respond positively about his/her life and work, giving the hiring manager the impression that all is good, even when it is not. The ideal response to this question is something like “I define success as meeting my goals, both in my work and my personal life, which I have continuously done on an ongoing basis. I understand that “name of company” rewards success and provides its workers with opportunities to grow when they have shown progression for themselves as well as for the company.” Providing specific examples of meeting goals and accomplishments are highly recommended.


What Is Your Greatest Weakness

Second only to “Tell Me About Yourself”, this is a very popular question that causes many applicants to ramble or fumble with their answers. The correct way to answer this question is to turn a weakness into a positive. For example, the applicant could respond with “I often find myself working on my next project before my current task is complete. However, I have learned to multi-task by working on several projects simultaneously in an organized fashion and prioritizing tasks so that my resources are delegated mostly to my current projects, while planning ahead for future goals.”


How Would You Benefit Our Organization

This question may be worded in several ways, such as “What is your greatest strength?” or “What separates you from other applicants?”, but the answer should always be the same. The correct response to this question is to provide the hiring manager with a summarized list of the applicant’s greatest skills and experiences, as well as personal qualities that will benefit the company.

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