Job Interview Tips

While job interviews can be highly stressful and cause many applicants to behave differently than they would in their daily lives, being prepared can help the applicant feel confident and positive about his/her upcoming job interview. The following are some tips and suggestions that will help the applicant present himself/herself in the best manner possible.



Be Prompt, Appropriately Dressed, and Formal

Whether the job is in fast food or retail, applicants should always be prompt, appropriately dressed, and formal during their job interview. As a general rule, applicants should always arrive at the job site at least 30 minutes before the interview in order to have plenty enough time to locate the correct office and relax before the interview begins. Likewise, the applicant should always dress in his/her best clothing and be well groomed to show the hiring manager that he/she is a clean, organized individual. During the actual interview, the applicant should sit up straight in his/her seat without fidgeting and always address the hiring manager by “sir”, “mr.”, “miss”, or “ma’am”, unless invited to do otherwise.


Answer Questions With Specific Examples

During the interview, the hiring manager will ask the applicant a series of questions to determine the type of individual he/she is as well as his/her experience in the workforce. It is important that the applicant always answer these questions to the best of his/her ability, in complete sentences, and with specific examples if possible. For example, if a hiring manager asks “Why do you want to work for this company?”, the applicant should respond with a reply such as, “I want to work for this company because it will provide me with experience that I can apply to future career prospects. This company will provide me with the training, social interactions, and hand-on experience that I need to fulfill my desire of eventually working in a management position.”


Do Research and Have Questions Ready

Because questions asked during an interview can be surprising and require the applicant to think critically, it is important that he/she does research on the company he/she is applying at in case any company-oriented questions arise during the conversation. Likewise, the applicant would be wise to think of several questions to ask the hiring manager before the interview rather than thinking of questions he/she should have asked after the interview is over. Asking questions will also show the hiring manager that the applicant is prepared and serious about the job.




Be Dishonest Or Negative

Although previous events may be mentioned during the interview that ended poorly, such as termination at a previous job, it is important that the applicant be honest about the situation in case the hiring manager contacts the applicant’s previous employer to verify his/her account of the events. It is even more important, however, that the applicant does not speak poorly of his/her previous employer or co-workers, as this shows the hiring manager that he/she is not a team player and is trying to push blame onto others.


Be Desperate

In addition to being dishonest or negative, the applicant should never make himself/herself appear to be desperate to the hiring manager. While the applicant should show interest in the job position, he/she should not make it seem that he/she cannot find work elsewhere, even if this is true. As in all other aspects of life, being desperate shows weakness as well as the inability to handle failure or rejection. While these aspects may not be directly related to the job, they will more than likely lower the applicant’s chances of being hired rather than improve them.

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