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The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the sole and independent broadcaster in Australia that operates commercial-free. Jobs at ABC are estimated to employ about 4000 employees in Australia alone. ABC employment makes possible the company’s presence in the broadcast, television, and online industries, producing quality programs that aid in education and entertainment. ABC specializes in sports broadcasting. Here are examples of jobs at ABC.

Assistant Radio Officer

The officer assisting ABC radio operations is basically tasked with compiling and scheduling radio daily programs and booking the same. The person is also in charge of booking ads aired at different times of the day and thus has the responsibility of maintaining good relationships with radio content providers. One such client is Telstra-ISDN, both in Melbourne and Sydney. This officer also assists the human resources department in SAP data entry and administration, among other things. Results of the entire work scope are reported to the ROSS officer and the facilities coordinator. The assistant radio officer is among jobs at ABC that keeps airing smoothly flowing and lucrative, and keeping communications manned with the best personnel. ABC employment opportunities are partly decided by this assistant as far as radio operations are concerned.

Admin Assistant for Radio Management

The basic job of this admin assistant is to drive and maintain radio content on the company’s website. It’s largely online work with an eye for creativity and detail. This assistant also coordinates closely with the radio policy team, particularly where editorial policy matters are concerned. The person doing this job handles corporate reporting as well. Among jobs at ABC, assisting for radio management is more IT, editorial, and policies related. There are lots of editing work, as well as uploading and creating using Sitecore. There’s always work involved just maintaining updated information posted on the website, and the admin assistant for this purpose is tasked with its accuracy and presentation. ABC employment openings are also coordinated with the admin assistant.

Presentation Planning Assistant

This assistant’s main task is to schedule junctions and interstitial content. The schedule is worked into the company’s TV schedules according to routine direction, and it should give admin support to the presentation department, assisting it as well. The job includes precise completion of promotion data to be used on the air and entered as directed. The entries should all satisfy deadline and broadcast needs. The assistant makes sure that interstitial inventory is maintained well and updated. This is among jobs at ABC that requires attention to detail.

How to Apply

To apply for ABC employment, register online on the ABC website and submit a resume and fill out the online application form at:

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