Jobs at ACS

ACS or the Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. is a company that engages in both an information technology and services. It is engaged in the BPO industry and provides solutions for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other businesses. Founded by Darwin Deason in 1988, the company has extended its operations to almost 100 companies around the world. In the year 2009, the company has employed up to 74,000 people globally.

The company is now part of Xerox Corporation, the acquisition being made on February 8, 2010. The company was ranked number four among the commercial outsourcer in the United States in the year 1995. The company is best known for their services and support in transportation. The major parts of the core services they are known to render include management of parking systems, electronic toll collection, and photograph traffic enforcement.

Affiliated Computer Services today is a global enterprise. Since its acquisition it has grown its reach to 160 countries and its manpower has increased to 130,000 employees all over the world. The bulk of their services now include what they are best known for – information technology solutions and business process outsourcing. Those interested in a career with this vibrant company may view the list of jobs at ACS at their corporate web site.

The Jobs at ACS

The jobs you’ll find in Affiliated Computer Services will generally fall within the fields of information technology and various business processes. Would-be employees are expected to be committed, responsive, and reliable. If you wish to view the list of job openings in the company go to You will then have to choose between US and non US job openings from the menu on the left pane.

Those interested in the BPO related job positions perform related functions such as customer service and support, projects and program management, workforce scheduling, managing communications, and organizing activities and meetings. Those interested in IT jobs are expected to perform related functions as designing communications platforms, documentation, data entry, peer group interaction, research, training lower staff, troubleshooting, network performance evaluation, proposing and implementing system enhancements, cost studies, and architectural design.

Applying for the Jobs at ACS

Those interested in any of the jobs at ACS may apply for them online. Applicants will be required to create a profile at the corporate web site. Applicants should fill out all the necessary fields on the applicant profile page and upload their resume. They will also have to enter their contact information. Those who meet the criteria for the specific jobs they are interested in will be contacted for interview and testing.

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