Jobs at Anthem

Anthem began as a spin-out of American General Insurance, which basically means it was once a division of the said organization and has grown to be a separate independent business. This spin-out company was backed by the mother organization. Anthem as an insurance company was established in 1980. A major change occurred in the year 2004 when Anthem merged with Wellpoint and the newly combined company taking on the latter’s name.

The Anthem brand still continues to be used in spite of the fact that Anthem, as a company, no longer exists today. Its Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand is still being utilized in 11 US states. The Anthem Company was established in 1944 while WellPoint was established in 1992. A portion of the growth of both of these companies was attained via acquisitions and mergers. The merger between these two companies created a more vibrant and robust organization.

Today, Wellpoint is the biggest company within the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The company makes strides in the health insurance industry from its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. In the year 2009 it registered a total revenue of 1.3 billion dollars. On the other hand, its net income in the same year is at 2.49 billion US dollars. Its current employees number to more than 42,000.

Jobs at Anthem

Those interested to view the jobs at Anthem should visit their new corporate web site at From there you can use the job search section to display a variety of job lists according to your specified criteria. You can search through the various job listings by category or by location. If you already have a job number ready, you can also use it in this section to search for details according to your own preferred specifications.

The job categories you’ll find on the list will be quite varied. There are jobs in the fields of administrative support, behavioral health, business development, fraud, education and training, medical, information technology, auditing, accounting, finance, and marketing among others. Various job functions will fall into their very own respective fields.

Applying for Jobs at Anthem

Those interested in applying for the various positions and jobs at Anthem may search for positions that suit their interests at the company’s career page. The search page will show the various jobs along with their specific site location and job category. To select a job, click on the job title to view its specific details. Clicking “Apply for this Position” will pull up a page where applicants are requested to log in.

Those who are applying for the first time should click “New User”. Those applying for another job position should enter their user name and password. New users will be required to submit their email address as their user name and enter a password that they would like to use. From there applicants will be logged on to their individual job pages.

Everyone who is interested in the jobs at Anthem should complete all six steps to create an account, which basically includes entering all the required information and uploading your resume. Once applicants complete the account creation process they may submit their applications for the specific job they are interested in.

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