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UK Asda leads the retailing business worldwide by taking it always to the next level where one-stop shopping is concerned. It does not only make things easier for shoppers; it also makes sure that commercialism does it responsibility to the environment. Asda quality customer service aims to keep its products and operations environment-friendly. It has been doing this since 1965 when it first opened and has provided some 170,000 jobs all over the world. Here are some key jobs at Asda.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The PRO sees to it that company stores and Asda quality customer service are well promoted on the local level. The PRO also continuously spots areas of excellent community service and promotes this to the local folks in the form of press releases. Promotion is also done on a national scale, and sometimes this would require travel. Public relations officers also maintain goodwill with the media, whether radio, TV or print. This is among the exciting jobs at Asda which involve internal and external work efficiency.

The General Store Manager (GSM)

The GSM’s job is heavy with responsibilities and a fast paced one. This manager is in charge of the overall performance and profitability of a store. And it’s far from being a small store. Just think of managing a Walmart store, for instance. Walmart is among the stores under the Asda umbrella and it is where many jobs at Asda are focused. A single store operation is actually a multi-billion pound venture where some 430 people are employed rendering Asda quality customer service to some 70,000 buyers per week. And the work area may cover more than 60,000 square feet. The general store manager is given leeway on how the store will be made profitable, allowing the GSM to run it like the owner would.

The Night Trading Manager (NTM)

As the position suggests, the NTM leads the operations team through the night making sure the store is working at its very best. This manager ensures loaded store shelves with fresh items, efficient Asda quality customer service, orderly maintenance, and a clean store ready for next day’s operation. NTMs are specifically designed for 24-hour store setups. Overall trading operations and other such jobs at Asda begin from products delivery to the store to unloading and loading in storages to filling up shelves to maintenance and cleanliness, day in and day out.

The Pharmacist

Asda pharmacists are more than just pharmaceutical staff dispensing prescription needs at the store pharmacy. They are actually considered health advisers. Customers approach them to ask about health product options and other health concerns. In fact, they even do free blood pressure and blood sugar testing for customers, and which is also a way of serving the community. In a way, being a pharmacist also involves promoting the company through these services.

To Apply for Jobs at Asda

The first step is to read the mission and purpose of the company plus the recruitment process. If everything looks in line with one’s preferences then proceed to apply. See the mission and purpose plus the recruitment process here:

To apply, fill in the blanks in the form found on this page:

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