Jobs at AT&T

AT&T is the biggest name in telecommunications not just in its home base, the United States of America, but also in the world. The name sparks interest anywhere, being the largest telephone service serving over 150 million subscribers. AT&T’s headquarters is stationed at Dallas, Texas.

AT&T offers not just telephone service, both fixed and mobile. It also now offers subscription television as well as broadband service. With those added services, AT&T’s stable of customers grows larger each day.

AT&T is originally Southwestern Bell Corporation, founded in early 1980s, when the parent company broke up due to an antitrust suit. Not too long ago, in 2005, the people behind Southwestern Bell Corporation decided to go back to their roots and changed its name to AT&T, Inc. It is the largest in its industry with no less than eleven Bell Operating Companies plus the original long distance division.

Jobs at AT&T

If you think you are fit enough to be included in the highly skilled stable of AT&T employees, you must never wait another moment to look for job opportunities and apply for them. As a company that grows larger each day, AT&T is a nice arena to continuously hone your skills and aim for professional success in the process. The company fosters amazing opportunities that will not only give you work but also the opportunity for career advancement. At AT&T, you will work in a fast-paced environment where there is no way but up.

There are various jobs at AT&T. They are inclined, of course, in telecommunications as well as entertainment. Some of the jobs that the company offers include those in retail, customer service, corporate support, engineering, information technology, and business sales among others.

For students, you may want to apply for an internship through the AT&T Development Program. This makes for an amazing opportunity to be part of the biggest name in telecommunications. That’s because you will be prepared, through a process, for a successful future with your exceptional skills.

How to Apply for Jobs at AT&T

Like most big corporations, AT&T jobs are publicized online and in every kind of media possible. All that you need to do is to exert some effort browsing through the numerous job descriptions that are put out from time to time. To get to AT&T jobs, log on to

AT&T is continuously growing. As such, it needs all the exceptional skills it can get to move forward and to continue to be the best in its field. Who knows, the next person perfect for an AT&T job post could be you.

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