Jobs at Bayer

Bayer is a German company specializing in pharmaceuticals. It is known worldwide but is currently headquartered in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The most popular brand name that Bayer released into the market is Aspirin. Aspirin was Bayer’s trademark since 1899. Up to now, a lot of people know the company still by that brand.

Bayer can be found in different locations around the world. Its products are also sold worldwide. The main headquarter is, of course, located in Germany including the holding company and the subsidiary companies. It also has headquarters in Ottawa and Calgary in Canada, production facilities in Belgium, the Philippines, and Italy, European headquarters in France, and suburban Pittsburgh headquarters in the United States.

Jobs at Bayer
Being a huge company serving a huge market, Bayer constantly needs individuals who want to make a difference in their lives and in the world they live in. Career opportunities are offered to those who have the passion to grow. The company offers more than work. It offers an opportunity to nurture the core competencies of an individual, making him fit enough to help shape the future, which is Bayer’s commitment all these years.

Bayer offers equal opportunities to all kinds of individuals. No matter how old you are, where you came from, what your sexual orientation, race, or religion is, you will be welcomed to apply to a wide range of jobs at Bayer.

Career opportunities are available in many fields including Research, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Information Technology, Transport Management, Finance, Operations, Market Intelligence, Medical Affairs, and Customer Support among others.

How to Apply for Jobs at Bayer
To apply for jobs at Bayer, you must log on to You may search for available jobs through that website and apply right there and then. Since it is an innovative company, like many other big corporations, Bayer relies on electronic media in processing applications. That way is quick, efficient, and flexible enough, making it easier for the company to look for the right people that will fit right into the job.

After using the job search to get to a position of your interest, you may apply directly online by filling in an application form. After completing the application form, you will need to attach a copy of certain documents including your transcript, your recommendations, and other documentations of your qualification. The online application process is about one hour. Checking the status of your application is easy. You simply need to log on to the website again and check whether you are being considered for the position you applied for or you better look for another available job.

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