Jobs at BET

Working with BET can be yet another fulfilling experience. With a lot of job opportunities at BET, you are sure to find a good slot that may cater to your level of experience.

The Company

BET is highly known for its ongoing commitment and service to the latest music, celebrity news, fashions, entertainment, TV shows, video, and a lot more. It is really an exciting community where you would always be on your toes to provide the latest news and interesting info of the entertainment industry.

So if you’re an upbeat and highly talented person who is willing to grow in this type of industry, then, go ahead and check out if you would be able to join this growing community committed to excellence and growth.

The Opportunities

Work can never be dull if you’re with BET. There are many job opportunities at BET that can highly satisfy your need for growth and numerous advantages.

Once you’re on the official site at the careers page at you would see a list of different slots for different levels, positions, and also states.

Some of the current positions offered include a position for an Executive Assistant for Human Resources and Corporate Administration in Washington DC, a Financial Analyst in New York, a Product or Project Manager also in New York, an Account Executive for a Los Angeles office, a Graphic Designer for a Washington area, a Digital Project Manager for New York office, and other positions. There are also offers for internships for its different work locations.

The Procedures to Apply

Online application is easier if you want to apply for a certain position with BET. Just click on your preferred position. You may notice that clicking on a certain position would open up a new page. And you would be able to see all the requirements needed for that certain work slot.

For example, you chose the Project Manager position for a New York office. You would see not only the location and the job position but also a summary of the position and also a list of responsibilities that would be required of you if you would choose to continue with the application process online.

Be sure to scroll down and see the other information provided. You would see how you are expected to apply. Typically, you are asked to submit a resume to an email. Don’t forget to write the appropriate subject line provided in the information.

Job opportunities at BET are so many. Bear in mind that you should come highly prepared when you are called in for an interview after you submitted your resume and indicated the proper subject line (for your desired position) in the email.

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