Jobs at Brown

Jobs at Brown seek to support every university activity in line with the school’s goal of providing urban academic excellence to students. This involves not only academic activities but health, medical, sports, and food other services as well, to name a few. Aside from professors and academic and teaching staff, here are some other types of jobs at Brown University.

Associate Auditor

The associate auditor for finance and operations is expected to create a specific audit program that will stimulate the different university units and departments to focus on objectives and goals consistent with the mission Brown University. The auditor then monitors the units and departments to ensure that their activities are indeed in line with the mission. Assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of the university’s finance systems is also part of the job. This position is among the tough jobs at Brown that make sure the monetary matters of the university are running according to policies. And this makes Brown employment opportunities secured with integrity and propriety.

Graphic Coordinator

Among exciting jobs at Brown that require creativity is the graphic coordinator. This person assists the art director in all the print and publication jobs in the university. The work includes concept development and presentation, preparing files, and managing back-up documents, among other things. Brown employment opportunities, like being graphic coordinator, requires multi tasking abilities which at the same time ensure product output quality. The pressure to beat deadlines is always there. Yet, jobs at Brown help keep a positive outlook of work.

Electrical Supervisor

Being equipped with the latest technology where education is concerned, jobs at Brown also require the use of electrical devices and equipments. Thus, electrical systems are strictly maintained for smooth day to day university operations. The electrical supervisor is expected to oversee all related responsibilities, making sure electrical connections, repairs, maintenance, and other systems are in order. This supervisor should also be adept at providing cost estimates and specifications for renovations or new projects, as well as recommendations and plans for better overall efficiency in the university. This results to better Brown employment opportunities in the future.

Applications Engineer

Where the electrical supervisor is concerned about electrical systems and supply, the applications engineer takes care of the details of electrical applications, like building control systems, time alarms, fire and burglar alarms, air conditioning, heating, lighting, and the works.

How to Apply

A person hoping to get a job should create a new application by registering a username and password to the site. Then, the applicant may proceed to fill up the form found in this site:

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