Jobs at Cox

Cox is a leading company in communications technology. It provides not just digital cable television services but also telecommunications services. It was previously known as Cox Broadcasting Corporation. Today, however, it is simply known as Cox Communications or Cox Cable.

Cox is serving millions and millions of American customers, garnering the third spot in the largest cable television provider list in the United States. It has 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 2.2 million phone subscribers, and 3.5 Internet subscribers.

Aside from its credibility in digital communications technology, Cox is also well-known for its popular advertising campaigns. Previously, it has used Digital Max, a fictional animated character, as its spokesman. When Digital Max was phased out after serving three years, it was replaced by digi Cox mascots. They are called Digis and they figured in many of Cox’s brand commercials.

Jobs at Cox

If you are looking to enjoy a successful career, trying out for a job at Cox is a good option. Cox is a constantly growing community that will provide you with lots of opportunities to get ahead and be successful in whatever field you are in.

Jobs at Cox are wide and varied. They are not limited to Information Technology or Communications. There is a tremendous variety of job opportunities available at the company. Their common ground, however, is that they all require commitment and dedication. Both of which, Cox believes, will help you go a long way.

Jobs at Cox include those involving Customer Care and Relations, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Advertising, and People Services among others.

How to Apply for Jobs at Cox

The easiest and most convenient way of applying for jobs at Cox is online. You only need to go to the company’s official career website at You will find all the information you need there including current job openings, employee benefits, and employment process among others.

Search for jobs at Cox online. Usually, there are numerous available jobs at the same time in different locations where the company operates. Once you find the job that you like or the job that you think fits right into your qualifications, you may submit your resume, which is also completed online, through a process that will help you get into the company’s website. By registering or completing your online resume, you will be allowed to peek on the current job vacancies, apply for them, and have a chance at taking on a post at Cox. You are considered an applicant once you have completed the official employment application form, which is provided during the initial interview.

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