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Discovery is a global communications company specializing in television networks for a global audience. Recently it started a joint venture with Hasbro Inc. to produce a top children’s television network dubbed “The Hub.” Jobs at Discovery are actually aimed at creating an ideal work force of talented people to serve is culturally rich and diverse clientle worldwide.

Account Executive

The account executive basically sells Discovery advertising nationwide and promote its interactive properties like Podcast, mobile, and VOD. Along with these, the person in this position also promotes on-air programming, other marketing opportunities, and program sponsorship. Like other jobs at Discovery, this position requires multi tasking ability, particularly in account management which involves production, promotion, marketing, packaging, product delivery, and follow up. Job positions at Discovery always entail dedication and attention to detail.


Primarily, the accountant handles all works related to the accounting of fixed assets of the company. This includes managing accounting processes for on-going constructions or additions and even suspended jobs. Being among sensitive jobs at Discovery, the accountant reconciles monthly balance sheets plus handling research requests and field questions on the same. The person must assist other finance related personnel on asset processes and real orders. In addition, this position processes and reclassifies miscellaneous journal entries. As with other job positions at Discovery, being an accountant may require assisting in other related projects.

Antenna Audio Salesperson

This person is in charge of creating markets for the company’s media and audio businesses. And thus, the salesperson should have oral, written, and interpersonal marketing skills to deal with top levels of a client company’s purchasing department. This person is able to demonstrate the need for the products and their applications for better work efficiency. Among the various jobs at Discovery that need strong public relations this position is crucial because product movement largely depends on its success. Among Discovery’s leading antenna audio clients are the Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Alcatraz, and the British Museum of Arts for their use of tours with interpretative audio. Being among the antenna audio work force is probably the most rewarding of the job positions at Discovery.

Application Developer

The app developer’s main job is to create and maintain the company and affiliate websites. The person should maintain the websites’ dynamic and scalable features, particularly of the Discovery Education site which provides digital education resources to client schools. The developer makes sure that Discovery ventures are always alive online and gets top promotion on the same.

How to Apply

Aiming for job positions at Discovery means uploading a resume and creating an online profile. Specifically, the applicant should visit the website and scan for relevant job openings and apply. Resume reviews go on a daily basis and top candidates are selected based on skill level, experience, and educational attainment. Of these top applicants only the best aspirant is interviewed. To upload a resume and fill up an application form, clink on this link:

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