Jobs at DU

The University of Denver or DU is the oldest university in the Rocky Mountains among the various private schools in the area. It was founded in 1864 during the latter pioneering days. The school’s religious affiliation is with the United Methodist Church. As the name implies, the school is based in Denver, Colorado.

The university has more than 11,000 students with almost half of that number being undergraduates. Almost half of the student population here hails from other states other than Colorado. Its urban campus has a total land area of 125 acres. In its early years, it was known as the Colorado Seminary. It was renamed in 1880 and has been known as such up to the present.

Jobs at DU

The jobs at DU are quite varied with faculty and academic related job posts listed side by side with administrative, managerial, and other job titles. Job descriptions will also vary from one job title to another. Administrative positions will require one to provide trainings, academic advising, program implementation, and providing student and employee support.

Those who wish to be part of the University of Denver faculty will of course handle duties related to student services. They will be in charge of class preparation, which includes preparing the necessary equipment, communication mediums, and class agenda. As instructors they do not only provide classroom instruction but they are also tasked with class supervision, safety, and assistance.

Some of the jobs at DU that are listed on the site will include job titles such as interim director, youth activities associate, recreational gymnastics instructor, swim instructor, office assistant, executive assistant, director of development, dean, professor, assistant professor, lecturer, maintenance worker, substitute teacher, research analyst, cashier, staff physician, web developer, and help center technical manager among others. You can narrow down your job searches by specifying different criteria when you look for jobs at the university’s web site.

Applying for the Jobs at DU

Even new users may immediately search for open positions found on the university’s web site. However, applying for certain positions that suit your interest will require you to make an application for the said job. Click on any of the listed jobs to find details about the new positions. Click on “Create Application” in order to bring you the next stage of the application process. Further directions will be provided after you have created a job application.

Users who have already created their accounts will only need to enter their user name and password, no new account has to be created. You will be required to upload your resume and provide other personal information including your contact details.

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