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Duke University is a private university founded in 1838 by Quakers and Methodists. Its campus is currently located in Durham, North Carolina but it was originally located in what is known today as the town of Trinity. The school is named after a tobacco industrialist by the name of Washington Duke.

The university is organized into professional, undergraduate, institutes, and graduate schools. Its faculty numbers to nearly 3,000 while its student population numbers to nearly 14,000 students a year. As the years went by, the school was known by many names. Some of which are Brown School, Union Institute, and Trinity College. Those interested in the jobs at Duke University should check out the information below.

The Jobs at Duke University

To find a list of current job openings in Duke University, one has to visit their jobs website, which can be found at The jobs you will find listed will include fields such as patient care, education, and research. Once you open that page you will be made to choose from their various applicant gateways. You either find listings for current employees, external applicants, and nursing candidates.

Entering any of the three applicant gateways will bring you to a page where you can just search for job openings that you might be interested in and submit your resume. After making a search request on their job search page, you will be given a list of currently open positions. The list will usually be varied but you can filter it out by specifying certain criteria.

The job list will surely be varied and may include those jobs from all of the three aforementioned general fields. Job titles you will find will include such positions as medical assistant, clinical trials specialist, staff specialist, program director, lab technician, staff assistant, communications specialist, and lab research analyst among many others.

Applying for the Jobs at Duke University

Those who want to apply for the said jobs at Duke University are required to create an account in order to submit their own applications. After creating an account, applicants may then search for jobs that may interest them and submit their applications. You will then be given directions on the remaining steps in the application process. Those who experience any form of difficulty with the online application system should contact the school’s human resources department for assistance. Applicants will be required to specify their email addresses in order to complete their online job application.

Aside from academic positions, applicants may also be interested in a temporary job position at Duke University. If applicants are considered for certain positions they will be contacted by one of the human resource staff. Next, an interview will be scheduled and a job offer would be extended to the successful applicant.

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