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E! is an entertainment authority. It is basically a cable TV channel and a direct broadcast satellite network. It was founded by Alan Mruvka and Larry Namer in 1980s but since 2006, it was owned by Comcast Entertainment Group.

E! has long since been the channel of choice for people who want to get fresh and interesting news in Hollywood and beyond. But aside from showbiz insiders’ take on what’s happening on the business of entertainment, E! has also several sports and lifestyle programs that are all must-watched.

As a company E! channel proved to have very strong foundations. It has been in the business for almost three decades and is definitely poised to last decades more. Any professional who would want to spark up a stable career would love to be with E!. It offers impressive opportunities to grow and learn as the company is continuously climbing upward.

Jobs at E!

There are many available jobs at E!. Its mother company, Comcast, handles the search for talented, creative, and hardworking individuals who will grow with E!. The channel is currently accessible to over 94 million cable and direct broadcast satellite subscribers all over the United States.

That’s why its main headquarters in Los Angeles and offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong are always busy looking for professionals who may be instrumental in helping out E! continue what it does best – serving entertainment, lifestyle, and sports programs in an impressive manner.

The most in-demand jobs at E! are of course, those in the Production aspect of the company. But corporate jobs as well as internships are also available. Do you think you can handle a job in Production, News Editing, Journalism, Accounting, Administration and Functional Support, Advertising Sales, Business Development, Communications, Finance, Corporate Affairs, Engineering, Human Resources, and Information Technology among others? Go get a job with E! for an opportunity to achieve professional success.

How to Apply for Jobs at E!

To apply for jobs at E!, it would be easier to go online. The process is faster and even more convenient. Log on to

You may fill out a general application form there that is searchable. This means that whenever a job that fits your qualifications and competencies become available, you will be notified via email regarding the next steps you need to take to apply for it. You may also directly search for available jobs and apply for one that you think you can handle.

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