Jobs at GAP

In the clothing business, GAP stands out from the rest. The name rings a bell instantly because it is a brand known worldwide for quality clothing that is striking in almost every runway.

GAP is a clothing business headquartered at San Francisco, California. It is one of the biggest clothing and accessories retailer based in America. It was founded in 1969 by the famous Fishers (the deceased Donald Fisher and his wife, Doris Fisher), made waves in the clothing industry, and since then, never looked back. Today, GAP has close to 3,500 stores worldwide, which carries the five primary brands – GAP, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta, and Banana Republic. It also has over 135,000 employees.

Jobs at GAP

Beyond the 135,000 employments at GAP, there are more positions to fill in. Job posts intended for smart, passionate, and creative individuals are always available. Opportunities are endless and they are widespread from distribution to product design to marketing to customer support to store management and many others.

What does GAP look for? The people behind GAP make sure that the people they take in are exceptional individuals with skills at hand but are still willing to learn more, see more, and experience more. GAP offers a diversified environment where learning is an option you could not miss. It is where growing personally and professionally is deeply encouraged. Through GAP, you should not expect to just get a job but enjoy a job that will allow you to stretch even beyond your limits.

GAP believes that their greatness is because of their people and that to continue to be the best in their line of business, they will need more of the great individuals. Individuals who are smart enough to learn their way through, in no time; Individuals who are passionate enough to dedicate themselves to do their duties the best way possible; Individuals who are creative enough to contribute ideas and ideals to the ever-growing GAP family.

How to Apply for Jobs at GAP

If you are smart and passionate, creative and open-minded, you must never think twice about applying for jobs at GAP. There are a variety of amazing compensations and benefits that await you. What’s more, it is a wonderful opportunity to get into an environment where both skills and learning are not stationed on a particular level. To apply or browse for a potential job post, log on to For jobs available at a particular country where a GAP headquarters is stationed, you may look through the in-country job sites.

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