Jobs at GE

GE or General Electric Company is a multinational corporation based on the United States of America. It is ranked by Forbes as the largest company in the world. GE is a conglomerate company that is incorporated in New York.

The brand GE is known worldwide. In fact, it is recognized as the fourth most popular brand, which is worth no less than $48 billion. The value of GE’s brand name is believed to be enhanced by its domain name that is short and very famous, registered a few years before Internet made a wave in our history.

Today, GE continues to do well in numerous fields that the company is into, in numerous countries all over the world. It is not only a famous name in appliances but also in other industries such as healthcare, gas, lighting, and locomotives.

Jobs at GE

GE is one of the best places to set up a successful career. It has 304,000 employees worldwide and being counted as one of them is an opportunity on its own.

Every GE employee has an interesting story to tell about his valuable and very rewarding career with the company that ensures the toughest challenges are not as tough to face and overcome. The company has been known for hiring exceptional individuals who fit perfectly in the development-focused culture, which is behind the diverse businesses that GE handles.

The team behind GE is a diverse and passionate team. The employees are well compensated. They are also given enough opportunities to grow further in order to match the reputation of GE as a world-class company. Growth is crucial for the company as it is the basic goal that in mind when hiring an employee. As such, GE offers development programs that will encourage its employees to exercise their creativity, integrity, and responsibility in order to grow themselves while the company is growing, too, with them all the way.

Just like the company, jobs at GE are pretty diverse. Jobs range from research and development to sales to energy services to marketing to finance to collections to legal to human resources and engineering technology among others.

How to Apply for Jobs at GE

To apply for job opportunities at GE, the only thing you need to do is to go to the website: and sign in to GE Careers. That will give you an opportunity to create a profile or CV, which the GE staff will look through when considering you for a job you expressed interest on. Signing in to GE Careers will also give you email alerts regarding new job openings as well as the status of your current application.

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