Jobs at Georgetown

Georgetown University is a private university with its principal campus in Georgetown, Washington. The university currently administers over 160 programs at numerous institutes, schools and undergraduate schools. It is well known particularly for its law programs.

Jobs at Georgetown University

The jobs at the university are divided into several categories. They include the Law Center, Main Campus, Medical Center, University Services and International Locations. Each of these categories has numerous job opportunities available.

For example, some of jobs at the medical center are administrative assistants, research assistants, research associates, project assistants, research coordinators, and executive director of online programs.

At the law center, the jobs included are associate director, law alumni relations, government outreach coordinators and executive directors. Other jobs available are editorial assistants, project researchers and project managers at various posts.

Other jobs at the university are director of student life, receptionists, administrative assistants and government outreach coordinators.

The University services jobs include senior director of donor relations & stewardship, office of advancement, custodial worker, carpet & floor care specialists, electronics technicians, landscape gardeners, editor/ administrative assistants, bus drivers and electricians.

How to Apply for Jobs at Georgetown University

Step 1

Go to There you will see the job categories mentioned earlier. Click on the link that you are interested in.

Step 2

After clicking the link you will see a table. You will see columns labeled job number, full time / part time, position title and date posted.

When you find the job you like in the position title column, click it. A summary of the job description, requirements and responsibilities will be shown. Read it to determine if you are fit for the job.

Step 3

If you are interested, email The subject line of your email must have the job title and the job number. Include your resume and cover letter in the job application letter.

Note: currently, the site is upgrading its online job application form. Visit the URL often to see if they have made any changes to the job application process. The university plans to use the online job application form for job applicants. Until it is set up, application should be sent to the email mentioned.

When applying for a job at Georgetown University, it is important that you go over the requirements thoroughly. When you send your resume, add only the pertinent details. Do not forget the cover letter; job applications sent without it will be ignored.

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