Jobs at Giant

Giant is a popular name in the store industry. It handles countless stores spread around America. It is a recognized name since its inception in the 1930s. Giant’s principle has always been to provide its shoppers an engaging experience in the supermarkets, with great food and low prices. That’s probably why it has remained standing after all these years.

Giant is a great company both for its customers and its employees. Customers are always excited of what brand new ways the company will offer its services. Currently, Giant is into providing larger salad bars and produce departments, expanded delis, a massive variety of natural and organic food, gourmet meat shops, a revolutionized convenient meal area, and an entertainment center among others. It is also planning to strengthen the visibility of Giant Pharmacy, making it a staple to every shopper’s lifestyle.

Giant also has great plans for its employees. With the company’s continuous growth, current employees can expect their careers to zoom along. Impressive compensations, benefits, and bonuses are up for grabs. At Giant, professionals would find the perfect recipe for success.

Giant offers a great growth potential for talented, motivated, and diverse individuals who become part of the team. So whether you are just starting at the career jungle or you want to further strengthen your success in your chosen field, you would love to work in the company.

Jobs at Giant

Jobs at Giant are wide and varied. They are not limited to store positions only. There are different job posts in the other fields including Finance, Accounting, Administration, Human Resources, Legal, Information Technology, Marketing, and Advertising among others.

Giant operates stores, distribution centers, and offices in different locations including Delaware, Virginia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The company’s locations are as diverse as the career opportunities it offers.

How to Apply for Jobs at Giant

There are numerous available jobs at Giant. If you are interested in any of the store positions, the company’s advice is to come to your store of choice personally to go through the application process. If you are eyeing for another position or you practically do not have a post in mind altogether, you may go to the company’s career website

In the online site, you may leave out your resume and your competencies for possible matching in future job openings. After filling in your personal data, it will be stored to the company’s database, which will be reviewed once a possible job match becomes available. Status of your application can be accessed easily online.

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