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Google is a search engine and technologies company that produces different types of Internet related products and services. Its most widely used service is the search engine, but it has expanded to include Gmail e-mail software, a web browser (Google Chrome), instant messaging applications and the HTC phone Droid Eris. Its revenue in 2009 was US$ 23.651 billion.

Types of Jobs at Google

The jobs are divided into several categories such as human resources, administrative, software engineering and product management.

Jobs include ad quality raters, engineering operators, engineer developers, working at systems and networking. Other jobs include advertisement management, software development, and developing enterprise and consumer applications. These include applications like Desktop Search, Google Docs, Maps/Earth and many others.

Engineers and software developers who work at Google also focus on parallel computing and set up the infrastructure. Other jobs are related to marketing, sales and customer support, finance and communications.

How to Apply for Jobs at Google

You will need an email address, Internet access and a resume.

Step 1

Prepare a cover letter and resume that focuses on your experience credentials. The cover letter should include the job you are applying for.

Step 2

Go to the Google jobs page: You will see links to US locations and international locations. If necessary, click the “all US locations” or “all international locations” to find the appropriate one for you. Alternatively you can look for specific jobs by entering the appropriate keywords in the search box at the top of the page.

Step 3

Click on the department link. You will be presented with a list of the job openings currently available. Select the one that best matches your skills.

Step 4

Read the job description. When you find the right one, click “Add to Job Cart”. This is below the job description.

Step 5

You will end up at the Google Jobs Submission page. Fill the submission with the required information.

Step 6

Read the information you have entered. If it is accurate, go to the bottom of the page and click the “Submit” button. Send the resume as an attachment to the highlighted address.

Step 7

If your application is considered, at least two interviews will follow. The first will be over the phone. The second will be in person. During the second interview you will be asked to perform various tasks. A Google recruiter will be assigned to you. That person will let you know if you got the job.


Do not include any information or list down jobs not related to the work you are applying for. Make sure the info you do provide is the most recent. Always double check the information before you submit any form.

Telecommuting jobs are available, allowing you to work anywhere in the world. Do not fill multiple applications. Just put all the jobs in the cart and fill up the submission form.

The company does not accept any resumes from recruitment agencies. You can also get more info at Google Jobs on Buzz and @googlejobs on Twitter.

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