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The image of a company is best personified not only by the people who work for it, but also by the uniform that they wear in their jobs. At Home Depot, the orange apron worn by its sales associates imparts the image of do-it-yourself competence and excellent customer service.

Home improvement retail giant Home Depot was built from scratch in the late 1970s when best friends Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus lost their executive jobs at a California hardware chain as a result of a hostile takeover. With financing syndication put together by Ken Langone and the able support of merchandising expert Pat Farrah, the enterprising friends put up in mid-1979 the first two Home Depot stores in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the primary considerations in choosing the location of its stores is the presence of a competent workforce that would fill in jobs at Home Depot.

These pioneering Home Depot stores, as well as the hundreds of branches that were built in the following years, featured cavernous interiors lined with endless rows of shelves stacked up to the ceiling with boxes containing a wide assortment of items needed for home improvement. By purchasing merchandise in bulk directly from manufacturers, Home Depot was able to avail of volume discounts and eliminate middleman costs making it possible to offer these to its customers at rock-bottom prices. Moreover, it introduced a revolutionary concept in customer service by bringing to its customers critical do-it-yourself know-how that would save them money in their home improvement jobs. At Home Depot stores, building a lasting relationship with customers is more important than completing a transaction on the sales floor.

Because of this emphasis, corporate recruitment policy to fill in jobs at Home Depot calls for the hiring of knowledgeable sales people and support staff who could guide customers in fixing their homes and in the use of proper equipment and tools. To reinforce this policy, Marcus and Blank thought of putting in place free home repair and remodeling clinics staffed with professionals skilled in the crafts such as carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical repair and installation.

If you are a talented individual who loves the challenge of wearing the orange apron, feel free to visit and find out which of the many jobs at Home Depot would best suit your skills at the location nearest you. Joining the largest home improvement retailer is easy. Once you have opened the career search drop down menu, just select “distribution center hourly” or “in-store hourly.”

After indicating your current address, a list of stores located in your area will be displayed from which you will be able to select the location of your choice. After choosing your location, you will be able to select the position that interests you most. Remember that your application will only be considered for that particular position and location of your choice.

If you wish to return to the site and apply for jobs at Home Depot at other locations, you need to create a user ID and password. Once you have submitted your application, keep your fingers crossed that a representative from the location of your choice will get in touch with you for the interview.

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