Jobs at Ikea

Ikea is a leading name in the furniture business. It specializes in flat pack furniture, bathroom and kitchen items, and accessories. It is a private company that sells all over the world.

Ikea is a pioneer of the flat pack furniture principle offered at very affordable rates. At present, it is considered as the largest furniture retailer worldwide.

Ikea is founded in 1943 by then a 17-year-old Swedish Ingvar Kamprad. He was the owner of the vision that Ikea followed through. The company is currently owned by a Dutch foundation that is believed to be controlled by the Kamprad family.

The first Ikea furniture store was opened in Sweden in the late 1950s. Soon after that first store, many stores in different locations were opened including that in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Belgium, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Ikea can be found mostly in developed countries. It does not have much presence in developing countries.

The Ikea stores are characteristic of a large blue building with yellow accents and very few windows. The one-way layout is intended to encourage customers to see the store in its entirety, not just specific sections where they can find exactly what they need. It is definitely a daring layout that may or may not work to the company’s advantage. But so far, it is working so good for the company sales.

There are also restaurants that can be found inside Ikea stores and most of them sell Swedish food or a touch of it at the very least. Potatoes, eggs, and sausages are popular ingredients that can be found on the menu.

Ikea believes that the powerful force behind its steady success is the recruitment of committed and highly motivated individuals who shares the company vision. They still follow that command in taking in people to the stable. So, if you want to be part of the success of Ikea, you better make an assessment where exactly you will fit in and work out your way there.

Jobs at Ikea

There are numerous available jobs at Ikea and they are in different fields. There are jobs inclined in Customer Relations, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology, Distribution, Human Resources, Communications, Interior Design, Food and Beverages, and Range Development among others.

How to Apply for Jobs at Ikea

When applying for jobs at Ikea, you need to be country specific and field specific. Once you find the kind of job you are most interested in, you will be asked to submit a cover letter along with your curriculum vitae. You will then receive an email notification about the company’s receipt of your application. Your qualifications will be put against the other applicants, measuring how fit you are to perform a particular job effectively. You may return to the Ikea website ( anytime you wish to get updates about your application or to update the information you posted.

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