Jobs at Miller

Miller Brewing and Coors Brewing Companies have combined to form MillerCoors. The company is in the brewing business and has been producing great beer brands for 288 years now. There are interesting types of jobs at Miller.

Types of Jobs at Miller

Team Leader. Being team leader oversees the different supply chain functions in the brewing process. This is specifically for the Milwaukee brewery. The supervision involved is fast paced and key to the overall work efficiency is teamwork. This is where a team leader is counted on—to impress a teamwork orientation in the minds of workers.

Training Specialist. Among tough brewing jobs at Miller is providing training support to the shift, project, and unit teams—and that’s the main job of a Training Specialist. Among vital points included in training is optimizing employee capabilities, work effectiveness analysis and assessment, planning, organizing, and record-keeping, among other things. The training specialist acts as a professional coach to ensure world class work culture in the workplace.

Reliability Engineer. The reliability engineer reports directly to the packaging unit manager. The main task of this engineer is to make sure that operations are smoothly going and reliable. This is ensured through continuous improvement and development of operations, especially in packaging. The job involves research and innovations. It’s among challenging brewing jobs at Miller.

Senior Financial Analyst. This analyst assists in the detailed and cumbersome job of budgeting, a little bit of accounting, planning, and forecasting future trends in operational and other expenditures. In short, the task is to see if things are cost effective; if profits outweigh expenses. This is among sensitive brewing jobs at Miller.

Quality Service Engineer. This person is also called the analytical chemist. The work involves ensuring taste quality consistency. This engineer makes sure that the right amounts of ingredients go into each beer bottle. This engineer analyzes the chemical content and quality of the brew.

Sanitation Maintenance. Miller is a beverage manufacturing company, and as such, cleanliness is a main concern. The crew involved here should be well experienced in sanitation and familiar with the industry standard in this matter. This is also among needed brewing jobs at Miller.

SAP Solution Designer. This person works closely with the analytical chemist in maintaining product quality standards. The job also involves research in brew solutions, cost effectiveness, and updates on market solution practices.

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