Jobs at MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is one of the most reputable research universities around. It has one college and five schools that cover 32 academic departments. It is home to an average of 10,000 students. It was established in 1861 and opened its doors fully in 1865.

The Job Positions at MIT

There are a host of various jobs that one can find in MIT. One may apply to become part of the faculty. Obviously, the faculty is responsible for the tutelage of those attending the school. There are also positions in one of the support teams. These positions do not have an immediate contact with the student body but constitutes providing high-level service and administrative support.

Such jobs include activities such as coordinating activities, events, and off campus meetings. Some positions also involve planning, organizing, executing, and implementing projects, practices, and policies for the entire organization. Other jobs entails regular office work which includes responsibilities such as maintaining office files, preparing and editing reports and presentations, marketing assignments, drafting correspondences, managing funds, and handling reimbursements among others.

The job positions at MIT will list job titles such as administrative assistants, research scientists, environmental economist, system administrator, programmer, program manager, coach, assistant coach, postdoctoral associate, human resource coordinator, web developer, dentist, financial coordinator, research engineer, dean, assistant dean, network security analyst, and technical associate among many others.

The said job positions at MIT are covered within its many departments. Other than its various colleges and academic departments, other jobs are also divided amongst non-teaching departments such as the museum, human resources, office sponsored programs, alumni association, intercollegiate sports, admissions office, libraries, and resource development.

Applying for Job Positions at MIT

The job application process at MIT is carried out online. Those who are interested in any of the job positions that are open should follow the online application procedures. First off, applicants are to complete their application profiles. This will be stored in a career center, which will be a record of each applicant at MIT.

The career center in the MIT site is where applicants will store their resumes. Applicants may update the resumes they have submitted. Your contact details including your email address will also be stored in the career center and may also be updated as soon as such information changes. You may also view a history or list of the job openings you have responded to. You are also allowed to update your password in case you deem it necessary.

Once you have created your application profile and have updated all the necessary information then you can commence with your job search and applications. Every time you submit an application it will be given an immediate acknowledgement. This application acknowledgement will also be sent to your email address. Successful applicants will be contacted by one of the staff to schedule an interview.

Take note that one may submit job applications for a maximum of three job positions at MIT at any given time. In case you are no longer interested in a job you were bidding for then you can remove it from your list and apply for another job you are interested in. All this information will be found in the job cart. All job applications will use the same resume and cover letter that you submitted.

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