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Michigan State University or MSU was founded in February 12, 1855. It is a public research university, which was the first of all the land-grant colleges under the Morrill Act of 1862. Being the first land-grant institution, it served as the model for all other land-grant colleges. The university’s alumni are also quite distinguished with at least six members being recipients of the Pulitzer Prize.

This university is a pioneer not only in the manner of grants. It is also a pioneer in the fields of hospitality business, packaging, music therapy, and telecommunication. Today it paves the way again by having the largest study-abroad program. This program offers more than 200 education programs to people from all continents of the world. It is also one of the Public Ivy universities in the United States.

The Michigan State University has an almost 5,000 member faculty. Its staff employs more than 6,000 professionals. Its student body numbers to more than 47,000 with more than 36,000 undergraduates and more than 10,000 postgraduates. The university’s populace is housed within approximately 5,000 acres of land.

The Michigan State University has two campuses, namely the North Campus and the South Campus. The development of MSU’s campus commenced in 1856 with only three buildings. Today, there are 556 buildings in the university’s campus with 100 of these said buildings are meant for academic purposes.

The Jobs at MSU

There are a lot of employment opportunities at the MSU. There are academic or faculty positions, support staff positions, and student positions as well. Those interested in the said employment opportunities at MSU may look them up at Under the academic or faculty positions, job postings fall under continuing academic staff postings, executive management or administration postings, fixed term academic staff, fixed term faculty, College of Law postings, extension postings, and tenure system faculty postings.

Support staff and student postings include professional and management job postings. There are also College of Law support staff postings, and temporary employment. Employment falls under clerical, technical, advisory, supervisory, off campus, and nursing job postings.

Applying for Jobs at MSU

After clicking on the academic, student, or support staff position job categories, applicants will be brought to the university’s job list page. There is a different list for each category. The academic job posts will have the available jobs listed with specific details regarding each job and instructions on how to apply for each of them.

Applicants may make queries on available staff jobs at MSU by clicking on “Search Postings” on the left control pane. Each job post will have a link that will pull up the specific details of that job including instructions on how to apply for it. All the people who are interested in the said positions are required to create their own application accounts. Returning applicants only need to take note of their user name and password in order to apply for other jobs as well.

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