Jobs at Northeastern

Northeastern University is a private university based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was established in 1898. It currently has a faculty numbering to almost 2,000 academic employees. Its annual student population numbers to more than 20,000 students housed within its 73 acre urban campus. It is affiliated with the New England Association of Colleges and Schools. Those interested in the jobs at Northeastern will find the information below to be helpful.

The Jobs at Northeastern

The jobs at Northeastern University can be categorized into two: the first category is faculty positions while the second category is management/staff positions. As you might have guessed, faculty positions involve academic work while management or staff positions will generally entail support, policy making, office work and other non-academic job functions.

Some of the faculty jobs at Northeastern University include professor, associate professor, academic specialist, assistant academic specialist, lecturer, assistant clinical professor, assistant lecturer, and senior lecturer. On the other hand, the non-faculty job titles you’ll find includes medical administrative assistant, residence director, career advisor, research associate, assistant project manager, grants administrator, enrollment contact representative, and admissions coordinator among many others.

Applying for Jobs at Northeastern

You may check out the job listings in Northeastern University by going to their Human Resources Management page at and clicking on “Careers at Northeastern”. You will then be taken to a page where you will be prompted to choose which category of job positions you’re interested in. Your two options on that page are “Faculty Positions” and “Professional, Management and Staff positions”. Choose between the two categories and you’ll be taken to a job search page for that particular category.

The next step is to click on which category of jobs you wish to apply for. Clicking on any of the two links will bring you to a job search page. Fill out the search form and begin searching. If you just want to search for all job positions just click on “Search All”. Click on any of the jobs in the list that comes up to get more details about each specific job opening. This page will also contain further instructions regarding how to apply for the said positions.

Take note that different departments will usually have different modes of job applications. Some departments will require you submit your job application online while others will allow you to come to their offices personally. Other departments also allow job applicants to mail their resumes and cover letters. Be sure to read all the details of each job you’re interested in and the instructions on how to apply for that job.

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