Jobs at Northwestern

Northwestern University is a private university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago in Illinois. It has professional, undergraduate, and graduate colleges and schools that offer various undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. It was established in 1851 and now has a faculty numbering more than 3,000. Its student population numbers more than 6,000 a year. Those interested in the open jobs at Northwestern will find the information below quite useful.

Jobs at Northwestern

The many different jobs at Northwestern can be classified under academic, administrative, and temporary jobs. Academic jobs include teaching positions and other administrative positions within the academe. Non-teaching academic positions include responsibilities such as managing student registration process, maintaining the database, customer service, maintaining student records, addressing inquiries, managing different forms of correspondences, regular office work, administrative planning, auditing, finance, and training among many others.

The jobs at Northwestern that you will find listed on their site will include such titles as academic records assistant, program manager, director of football operations, associate director, resident programs coordinator, user support specialist, director, budget analyst, financial specialist, loan officers, public relations managers, behavioral counselors, and others.

There are also temporary jobs open in Northwestern University. Their Temporary Staffing Center was established to cover the temporary staffing needs of the various departments. The services and job titles catered to by members of the temporary staff include financial support, office assistant, financial assistants, accounting, and executive assistant. Those interested in temporary staff positions will have to contact the Temporary Staffing Centers either on the Evanston Campus or the Chicago Campus.

Applying for Jobs at Northwestern

Those who are interested to apply for any job openings at Northwester are supposed to go through their electronic application system. You can find it at The university does not accept applications and resumes unless it is sent through the university’s online application system. Sending faxes and sending resumes by mail are not acceptable.

However, do take note that those who are applying to be a part of the faculty should contact the individual academic department for openings in teaching positions. In particular, you have to contact the Office of the Provost since that department is responsible for hiring members of the faculty. The same procedure is to be followed for those applying for post-doctoral positions.

In case you don’t have access to the Internet you may visit their Human Resources department and use the computer they have reserved for those who are interested in any of the job vacancies listed on the site. The department during weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Human Resources department’s address is at 720 University Place, Evanston, IL 60208.

Once applicants fill out all the necessary details in their entirety they will be required to upload their resumes. Resumes will be attached to the completed online application. Applicants will then be sent an email confirming their submission. All applications will be reviewed by the hiring manager. Those who pass the review will be contacted either by a recruiter or by the hiring manager.

Take note that this stage may take several days due to the high volume of job applications received per day. When an applicant is contacted after the review, an interview will then be scheduled and a job offer will be made. Most departments will only address inquiries regarding compensation during the job offer process.

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