Jobs at Paramount

Paramount Pictures is an expert when it comes to film production and distribution. Why, it is the oldest American film studio, founded in as early as 1912. On top of that, Paramount is also the only major film outfit that is still located at the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. Its current address is at 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood.

Paramount is considered a very successful film company not only in terms of longevity but also in terms of revenue. It consistently ranks high in the top-grossing films list. It is known for the popular film releases. It has been constantly associated with great material – both commercially and artistically.

Those who want to join the Paramount team are not mistaken. That’s because it offers an amazing working environment with countless success opportunities. You sure would never go wrong with the Paramount working experience. It will definitely help you go far in the film industry and beyond.

Jobs at Paramount

Interestingly, jobs at Paramount are not limited to filmmaking. Like any company, it needs a variety of expertise to run along the process.

Available jobs at Paramount include those involving in Finance/Accounting, Business Development, Administration, Corporate Communication, Creative Development, Distribution, Digital Services, Facility Operations, Information Technology, Sales, Studio Lot Operations, Sourcing, and Food Services among others.

Once you got in, you will be treated to a variety of compensations like a flexible spending account, same sex domestic partner benefits, and work/life programs among others.

How to Apply for Jobs at Paramount

Applying for jobs at Paramount is easy nowadays because it utilizes the networking power of the Internet. You may search for the job vacancies online and also have your application submitted through the same media.

The official Paramount job opportunities page is You may log on to that site to be introduced to the career opportunities. Once there, you may search for the jobs that you like and the jobs that you think you are qualified to. Current job vacancies are constantly replenished so you get updates on what is needed at the time. If you think you fit well into any of the job vacancies, you just click on that job and start the application process right there and then.

Before you submit your qualifications, you should register to Paramount’s job site. This will help you. This will help keep you updated on the job openings while making the job application process easy.

Paramount Pictures is proudly an equal employment opportunity employer. It is open for all kinds of people. It does, however, make background checks on those who want to fill in an open position, also making sure that their applicants are indeed eligible to work in the United States.

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