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The Pearson Education is an international PreK-20 educational publishing group. The company specializes in the publication of educational books and materials. The company headquarters is in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, USA. It also has offices in Boston, Chandler, AZ and Glenview, IL.

Types of Jobs at Pearson

These include accounting, administrative support, auditing, budget, financial analysis and computers. Other types of jobs involve customer service, education, engineering and graphics.

Other jobs are in distribution, medical, human resources, legal, management, marketing, marketing communication, product and project management. Other job categories in the company are in publishing, QA testing, sales, technical support, software programming and technical support.

Each job category has different types of jobs associated with it. For example, in the marketing job category, the positions include marketing manager, chief marketing officer, senior marketing manager, director of marketing and executive marketing manager.

Other jobs related to marketing include marketing communications specialists, marketing manager-art history, ecommerce marketing manager, marketing assistant, marketing communications specialist, telemarketing coordinator and ecommerce marketing manager.

Other jobs in the marketing category are marketing specialist-social studies, manager-calculus & statistics, senior marketing database analysis and director of marketing.

How to Apply for Jobs at Pearson

Step 1

Go to To apply for specific jobs, use the job search tool. You can specify the job category, the jobs posted within a specified period, the job title and more.

Step 2

After you find the job you are looking for, add it to the job cart. When you are prepared to apply, choose “Respond to All Jobs in Cart”.

Step 3

Fill up the form. Those with an asterisk (*) need to be filled. It is best if you fill the whole form.

Step 4

To upload your resume, paste the contents from your word processor into the dialog window. You will be sent an email confirming your application form has been received. If no email is sent after a few days, go to the contact area of the website and make an inquiry.


The My Career Center can help you manage the various contacts and the application info you are keeping. The Job Alert will send you emails whenever there are new openings on the site. You can set it up so only job openings that match your skills and qualifications will be sent to your inbox.

The Pearson website also lets you save your cover letter, resume and profile. This makes it easer to update your personal information and help you get noticed.

Double check the resume you paste into the dialog window. Make sure nothing is left out or that superfluous material is not included either. Be certain the information you set in your resume is accurate and updated. Make the changes as quickly as possible so the recruiters can spot you.

Bear in mind that disabled people can also apply for jobs at Pearson. If your disability is hampering your ability to use their website, you can send them an email for assistance. The email address is

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