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The University of Pittsburgh, or Pitt as it is commonly referred to, was founded in February 28, 1787 as Pittsburgh Academy. It was established during the frontier days of the United States. It began as a little private school in a log cabin near the state’s three rivers. After more than two centuries the little academy has evolved into one of the recognized centers of learning in the world.

Today, Pitt is categorized as a state-related university in Pennsylvania. It transformed from a private institution into a member of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education. As it was then, the university’s motto has always been Veritas et Virtus or Truth and Virtue as translated from Latin. Today, the university lives up to such a highly esteemed goal and continues to provide a haven for potent minds.

The faculty of the University of Pittsburgh numbers to more than 4,000. The university has a total student population of almost 30,000 enrollments. 18,000 of this figure belong to undergraduates while the post graduate population numbers more than 10,000 students. Its urban campus covers a total land area of 132 acres. It also came to be known as the Western University of Pennsylvania from 1819 up to 1908. Those who wish to join the staff or faculty of this university are welcome to search for job openings online.

The Jobs at Pitt

Like other universities and institutions for higher learning in the United States, the jobs at Pitt can be categorized under staff employment or faculty employment. The university also opens its doors for student employment and career services. It also opens opportunities for staff and faculty development.

Those who are looking for job listings in the University of Pittsburgh should go to to view the various career opportunities available. You can view the different job listings by category such as staff opportunities, hiring managers, new employees, temporary employment, and faculty opportunities.

Clicking on either staff opportunities or faculty opportunities will pull up job listings for each specific category. The other options will provide more information on the said headings. Job seekers may get more information on the different job titles either by clicking on the job titles or information links located on the respective pages.

Applying for Jobs at Pitt

Those applying for jobs at Pitt will be required to create an electronic application account. In case you wish to apply for other job positions that are open, all you have to do is enter your user name and password. Opening one of the job postings will give you more details about the specific job you’re interested in. Successful candidates will be contacted by a member of the human resources staff.

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