Jobs at Southwest

Southwest Airlines is a low-cost American airline company that was founded in 1971. Since 2009, Southwest is the world’s largest airline judging by the number of its passengers carried annually. The company’s fleet size is at 547, which is the third largest fleet of passenger aircraft in the entire world. It is also one of the most profitable companies in the world. This makes one wonder about the jobs at Southwest and how to get in.

The Jobs at Southwest

There are a lot of jobs that people undertake in this company. Whether you want to be a techie who troubleshoots planes, office personnel working in the company’s headquarters, flight support, a rep talking to customers on the phone, one of the crew flying in the plane, or an intern, there are many interesting opportunities that await those who might be interested to work for Southwest Airlines.

Ground Operations

There are various jobs at Southwest for those who are more apt for ground operations. Current positions in this part of operations include provisioning agents, customer service agents, operations agents, and ramp agents. The people who function in these capacities compose the frontline team that interacts directly with customers. For instance ramp agents handle cargo and luggage as part of customer service while customer service agents provide customer contact for people who want to take advantage of the baggage and travel services.


There are also jobs at Southwest that are required in the company’s headquarters at Dallas, Texas. These are corporate positions within the different departments such as corporate communications, security, facilities, finance, fuel management, internal audit, purchasing, revenue management, and environmental services among many others. Working in the corporate headquarters basically equates to functioning in an office environment, though employees should expect some traveling to be done.

On the Plane

Of course, there will be jobs in Southwest on the plane. Positions here include pilots, in-flight supervisors, flight attendants, and crew schedulers. These positions provide first hand service to passengers onboard. They are responsible for the safety, service, and cabin preparations within the company’s many aircrafts. Base locations for these employees are at Orlando, Baltimore, Oakland, Chicago, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, and Dallas.

Applying for One of the Jobs at Southwest

You can check out all the jobs at the company web site at Those interested in applying for the various jobs may check out their job listings at their web site. Those interested will have to submit a job bid. All the information regarding job searches will be communicated via email. All forms of expressions of interest can only be communicated online.

Those bidding for the posted jobs will have to fill out the required online forms and submit their resumes through the site. After that, you will be contacted and have a phone interview. Next would be a face to face interview. The company will also do a background check. Successful applicants will also undergo drug testing and your fingerprints will be taken. Only after the said tests and background checks are cleared will you be requested to submit your tax paperwork and getting you hired.

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