Jobs at Subway

Subway is one of the leading sandwich companies in the world. It is a fast food franchise based in America, which, to date, has over 33,000 branches in 90 countries. It is the second largest restaurant operator in the world next only to Yum! Brands, which is present in over 35,000 locations.

Subway’s main headquarters is located in Milford, Connecticut but it also holds offices in different parts of the world, making its fast-growing international operations possible. It has regional offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Singapore, India, and Miami, Florida.

Subway is geared up for more expansion efforts in the coming years. The company expects to create 7,000 jobs in 2010 alone and even more after that.

Jobs at Subway

If you want to be part of the robust development and rapid growth within the Subway environment, you must never wait another moment to search for jobs at Subway.

To be part of the Subway team, you must be skilled, motivated, people-oriented, is eager to learn, and is a team player. If you fit into those criteria, you better start searching for positions that will fit into your qualifications.

Subway has numerous available jobs for Sandwich Artists, Team Leaders, Store Managers, Food Scientists, Field Consultants, Business Consultants, and Office Assistants among others. They are especially needed for hundreds of new stores that are opening within the next few years. Jobs at Subway vary according to different fields – from marketing to Research and Development to Legal to Advertising to Corporate Communications to Customer Care to Operations to Information Systems to Accounting and Facilities Management.

Subway is always looking for enthusiastic individuals who will drive the company’s expansion and success even farther. You will surely never be short of career choices in here.

How to Apply for Jobs at Subway

If you think you fit right to any of the available jobs that you will find posted on Subway’s career website (, you may apply for it directly online. After ticking on the job you are interested in, you will be asked to fill-in an application form. A Subway representative will get in touch with you shortly after you submit your application. Yes, taking a chance at jobs at Subway is that easy!

Once you got in, you will be treated to a working environment that is fun and supportive. Subway offers a ton of benefits to its employees with flexible working hours plus a surrounding that encourages personal and professional growth.

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