Jobs at the CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is an Atlanta based federal agency. It functions under the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The main function of this federal agency is to protect the public’s safety and health. The agency performs such functions by providing necessary information in order to enhance any decision related to health issues.

The main thrust of this federal agency is to promote national attention on the application and development of disease control and prevention. Other focuses of this agency is on occupational safety, prevention and education, health promotion, and environmental health. It works closely with other organizations including state health departments to further improve the health of the citizens of the United States.

The Jobs at CDC

The Centers for Disease Control had a staff that numbered 15,000 able men and women. 6,000 of these employees were contractors while there were about 840 officers from the Commissioned Corps. Many members of the CDC staff have earned their master’s degrees while there others have earned their Ph.D.s. This number is expected to grow as the agency strives to answer the needs of the country.

Looking at different jobs at CDC, one won’t fail to notice a huge mix of various professions and job titles. One should not immediately assume that the Centers for Disease Control are primarily interested in people who specialize in the field of medicine and disease control. In fact, many of the professionals employed by the agency are involved in other fields as well.

Some of the job titles one will find on their job listings include nurse, economist, chemist, public health advisor, behavioral scientist, veterinarian, physician, biologist, epidemiologist, entomologist, engineer, computer scientist, statistician, library technician, electrical engineer, business services support specialist, toxicologist, grants management specialist, IT specialist, health scientist, IT project manager, and health communicator among others.

Applying for the Jobs at CDC

Those interested in the many jobs at CDC, they will have to visit On this page you will be show several links to the different job categories that are open in this federal agency. There are jobs that are open to the general public. Both current and former federal employees also have a category of jobs suited for them.

There is also a job list that is open especially for current CDC employees. However, do take note that only employees on a permanent appointment with the agency will be considered for the said positions. Other categories on this page are overseas opportunities, and senior executive positions. Click any of these categories to view the job listings under them. To view the entire list click “Search all jobs at CDC.”

Once a job list is displayed click any of the jobs to view further details. Applicants will be required to register with They will also need to answer an online application/assessment questionnaire. Finally, applicants will be required to fax their cover sheets along with the necessary documentation for the jobs at CDC.

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