Jobs at the CIA

The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) is the US agency that assesses the country’s security intelligence. The agency also participates in paramilitary activities at the behest of the US President. The agency also gives US policymakers advice about national security issues.

Types of Jobs at the CIA

The jobs available are divided into several categories. These are analysis, legal services, clandestine service, library services, engineering, logistics services, facilities services, medical services, and geography/cartography.

Other jobs available are science, technology & weapons, graphics/multimedia/publications/photography, support services, student opportunities, information management, trades/labor and information technology.

Within these career categories are various types of jobs. For example, the analysis category has jobs for military analysts, economic analysts and open source officers (foreign media analysts).

The engineering section provides opportunities for computer forensics engineers, security engineers, enterprise systems engineers and many more.

The medical services jobs include clinical psychologists, operational psychologists, medical officers, environmental safety officers and operational psychologists.

The science and technology department jobs include science, technology & weapons analysts and research scientists. At the security protective services, the career opportunities are for protective agents and police officer – security protective services.

How to Apply for Jobs at the CIA

Step 1

Go to Go over the available jobs available. Each job will list the salary and the requirements. Click “Apply Now” when you see the job that fits your skills.

Step 2

You will be asked to create an account. Provide the info required.

Step 3

Look for job positions via “Job” and “Category”. The info here should be the same as the one you viewed earlier.

Step 4

After choosing a job, the “Application Package” commences. This form will require you to provide info about your expertise and skills, work history, (present and previous jobs), educational background and foreign area knowledge.

Other information you will have to provide are languages and proficiency levels, military experience and in some cases writing samples. Your resume will also be needed.

Step 5

Next you will have to fill up the “Personnel Evaluation Form (PEF).” Among the information included here are background investigations, security clearances, selective service, polygraphs, employment issues, violations of law, drug use & activity, delinquent federal debt, criminal convictions, employment/association and others.

Step 6

The “Qualifications Supplement” will have the applicant write a 500 word essay and answer certain questions. This however, is optional.

Step 7

Save the form and print it. Click “submit” to send the package to the recruitment officers. After you click submit, the account will be deleted. A confirmation message will appear. That is the only confirmation applicants will get. You should only submit one application form.

Step 8

If you pass the CIA’s assessment, you will be contacted by the agency. A background check will be conducted. Your life history and character will be assessed. A medical examination will be conducted.

A physical and mental examination will be performed as well.
When you are applying for jobs at the CIA, a polygraph will be utilized. This will be used to determine the authenticity of any statements you make.

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