Jobs at the NIH

There are various jobs at NIH (the National Institutes of Health) that continue to give much importance to medical discoveries for the improvement of people’s lives. And joining this particular organization, which is an integral part of a reputable service in the U.S. known as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, may not merely help you with your own career but also help others because of your contribution.

About the National Institute of Health

As aforementioned, the National Institute of Health plays an important role in the provision of funding for medical research. Thanks to this organization, life expectancy has grown impressively to around 77 years and disability has dropped during the past decades.

Up to now, NIH is considered to be the largest funding source in a global scale. Comprised of twenty seven (27) Institutes and Centers, it holds on to its goal to broaden, inspire, and strengthen research for the present and future generations for medical research.

Jobs Available

The various jobs at NIH involve different departments and categories that it wouldn’t at all be a great surprise finding the right choice of job to apply for.

At its homepage at you would see a table for Quick Links at the right hand corner of the page. In that box, there are several links that would take you to the page where particular work categories would be shown. For that, you would see slots for administrative jobs, internships or student jobs, executive jobs, clinical or scientific jobs, and also non-citizen programs.

How to Apply

On the same homepage, at its center, you would also see a box on How to Apply. In that, there are some tips for making a federal resume. There are also tips about how to “Maximize Your Job Search.”

If you choose to learn more about the offers for Administrative Jobs, on the homepage, click on that Administrative jobs link. You would be taken to this page at where you can see some links to the available slots like Account Technician, Administrative Office, Clerk or Assistant position, Contract Specialist, Economist, Auditor and other good jobs. Clicking on a certain position would further take you a page solely for that certain position that you have chosen. You would then see the job description on that page, a link on the position’s minimum requirements and another link to check on for open vacancies.

The various jobs at NIH can be yours when you decide to join this great organization and go through the simple online application process.

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