Jobs at the VA

The U.S. Veterans Administration, or simply called as the VA, offers a lot of work opportunities for those who are looking to pursue a career in service. The different jobs at VA actually provide you with a way of life that you know would be really meaningful because of your own personal contribution by means of dispensing your many skills and abilities for a worthy cause.

About the U.S. Veterans Administration

The VA is part of the Federal Government and is considered to be the second biggest agency at present. It has contributed and made a difference in the postwar of the US. And there are many benefits programs that are continuously being renewed and changed for the better in order to cater to the growing needs of men and women from the war eras.

Types of Jobs Offered

But what are the different jobs at VA that you can apply for? There are quite a handful. On their site at you would see a Jot Jobs box at the right corner of the page.

Some of the jobs with links that are posted include those for a Registered Nurse position, Pharmacist, Practical Nurse, Human Resources Management, Police Officer, Cemetery Caretaker, Contracting work, Nursing Assistant and more. If you click on the link to see more jobs offered, you would taken to a page with certain work categories. Included in those are professions for business or administration, legal department, specialized skilled occupations (trades), health care, and engineering or architecture or technical support positions.

The Process of Applying

To make the process of applying for a certain post, you may need to check out the requirements first. So go back to the URL mentioned earlier, choose a job or a category and click on its link.

For example, you would like to see more of the careers offered for the health care category. If you clicked on that link, you would see this page and the numerous work positions will be presented to you.

To name a few, you would see offers for a Biological Science Technician, Chiropractor, Dentist, Dental Technologist, Dietitian, Health Physicist, Health System Administrator, Hospital Housekeeping Officer, Medical Supply Aid and Technician, and other positions.

A little information about the required work attitude and skills are also included after each position.

Now, to apply for any of those, scroll down that page and click on the link that says “Hiring Process and Qualifications.”

The page would show you another link “Applying VA Positions” section. Clicking on that would bring you to and you would see other links that will be very helpful when you apply for any of the health related positions. Click on the links and read them one by one before you click on the “Submitting Your Application” link and go through the final process of seeking employment with this organization. Be sure that you have read each link well because it would be a good guide for you after you have made your choice from among the different jobs at VA, and are ready to submit your application.

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