Jobs at Tinker

Tinker Air Force Base is named after the first Native American Major General, Clarence L. Tinker. It is one of the major air force bases in the United States. It is located directly south of the Midwest City suburb. It is situated to the southwest of the Oklahoma City area.

This air force base is home to both civilian and military employees, which have a total combined number of 26,000 people. In the whole of the state of Oklahoma, it is the largest employer in a single site. The base occupies an area of approximately nine square miles. Within its compounds are 760 buildings, which make it quite a place for industry and employment.

It is also home to the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, which is part of the Air Force Materiel Command. This air force base is actually one of the three air force logistics centers in the United States. The other two are located in Ogden, Utah and in Georgia.

The 72nd Air Base Wing serves as the host unit of the Tinker Air Force Base. This is also the military unit that provides both support and services to the resident air logistics center. Other than this host unit, this air force base is also home to a Navy Air Wing that employs 1,300 sailors to provide security, operations, maintenance, training, and administration.

The Jobs at Tinker

Those who are interested to apply for any of the job openings in the Tinker Air Force Base may visit their web site at to check any employment announcements. However, do take note that current job vacancies in the air force base will be posted at The jobs you’ll find listed on the site will be a varied mix of employment opportunities in different fields.

Some of the jobs listed on the site will include employment in information technology services, office work, temporary employment, mechanical work, engineering, financial management, clerical services, and a host of other employment fields of service.

Applying for Jobs at Tinker

Those who would like to apply for jobs at Tinker should check out and read the announcements on the Tinker Air Force Base web site. They should visit the USAjobs site and view the different job openings there. If they find a job title that they are interested in, then they should go over the three-step online application process on the site.

The process to apply for jobs at Tinker is quite simple. First, one should access the online questionnaire and complete all the necessary fields. Next, they are to submit a resume that is properly formatted or an OF612. They are also to submit any other required documents necessary for their application to a specific job posting.

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