Jobs at UC

The University of California or UC is one of the State of California’s public universities. It is a division of a higher education program that includes two other schools, namely the California Community Colleges and the California State University. UC was established in 1868. It’s student population numbers to almost 200,000. It claims an alumni that numbers more than a million members.

The university has direct control over 10 campuses with undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools. It also has an affiliated law school, five medical centers, and three national laboratories. The faculty proudly proclaims having a distinguished faculty in almost every single field of study. It is interesting that eight of the university’s undergraduate campuses are part of the top 100 campuses and universities in the US while six are in the top 50 while two are in the top 25.

The University of California has a total faculty numbering to more than 13,000. On the other hand it has staff employees that number to more than 90,000 professionals. UC Berkley was the university’s first campus and was established in 1868. On the other hand its newest campus is UC Merced and it opened its doors to students in 2005. Those interested in any of the newly open jobs at UC will have to make their application online.

The Jobs at UC

The different jobs in the University of California cover many of the functions that are required to keep the institution vibrant. These functions include clinical services, financial activities, academic affairs and activities, budget, community affairs, general management, legal matters, business, clinical services, and health sciences. These responsibilities are aimed at academic excellence, public service, and research.

Due to the host of varied required functions necessary for the many departments of UC, thousands of people are given employment. The types of positions in and job titles in UC are just as varied also. Job titles or positions you will find include clerical staff, administrative officers, technicians, computer programmers, professors, department heads, researchers, artists, writers, analysts, higher education lecturers, and business managers.

Applying for the Jobs at UC

People who are interested in the various jobs at UC can look for job listings at You’ll find the various departments in the University of California listed here. To apply for a job in a specific department or division, click on one of the listed divisions to see a list of the available jobs.

In case you want to do a general search and not limit your options to a specific department then click on “Office of the President.” You then have to click on “search postings” on the left pane to pull up a list of all the available jobs at UC. In the search page, you may filter your search using the different criteria available.

Once you find a title in the jobs at UC that you’re interested in, click on it to bring up more information on the said job posting. The details about the said job opening will be displayed along with additional instructions on how to apply for the said position. Click on “apply for this posting” to submit your application. If you’re a new applicant you will be prompted to fill out a new application. Previous applicants only need to enter their user name and password.

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