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The University of Florida or UF is a public research university established in 1853. It is a public sea-grant, land-grant, space-grant university. Its campus is located on 2,000 acres of land situated in the area of Gainesville, Florida. It is also one of the Public Ivy universities in the United States. It is also part of the flagship research universities in the public school system of Florida State. If ever you’re looking for the smart guys who developed Gatorade, then you should look them up in this school.

Among the schools in the state of Florida, the University of Florida stands out as the second largest, that is in terms of student population. Its student population totals to more than 50,000 enrollments a year. Of that number undergraduates tally up to more than 33,000 students while the post graduates take up around 17,000.

The university has a total of 16 colleges and has more than 100 centers for higher learning as well. These centers are for research, service, and education. These centers are located throughout the State of Florida along with the university’s clinics. The university itself has more than 150 years of academic traditions that are coupled with excellent research and medical care.

The school’s faculty numbers to more than 4,000 employees. The university’s motto is ‘The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens.’ This university was once known the University of the State of Florida. In consequence of its researchers’ success on the popular sports drink, it goes by the nickname ‘Florida Gators’ with Albert and Alberta being the university mascots.

The Jobs at UF

Those who are interested in applying for the jobs at UF may visit the university’s job search page at On this page you will find several job categories that reflect the diversity of the job positions in the University of Florida. One of the job categories you’ll see on this page, obviously, is faculty positions.

Faculty jobs generally entail classroom work, lecturing, and other academic responsibilities. Other than faculty jobs, other job categories include staff positions and student jobs.

Applying for Jobs at UF

To start the application process, applicants are to make their own user names and passwords. This will also be the very same user name and password that applicants will use to a grab other future job openings. Applicants will be requested to input some of their private information. This will include the applicant’s address and phone number. The important information that applicants are requested to provide include employment history, contact information, and references.

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