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NBC Universal Careers is a global media and entertainment company that provides manpower for news and information dissemination. It is also involved in entertainment production, developing, and marketing worldwide. Great names and success have been wrought here, thus, the great careers at Universal, NBC. More people around the world are inspired to try jobs at Universal Careers each year. Here are some exciting jobs at Universal.

Digital Growth Initiative Staff

Being a staff in the digital growth initiative department enables one to get slices of different work aspects in the company. There’s good exposure to different people from different departments that make the company what it is today. It involves coordination with people handling various jobs and keenness on multi-tasking work. And this means more chances for career growth. Careers at Universal are mostly promising and challenging, and being a staff in the digital growth department is among jobs at Universal that can help propel one up in the ladder of success.

Executive Assistant, Human Resources for Media Works

Here a person has to be quite adept at handling both business and creative responsibilities. This position is where business plans and creative scripts fuse together for explosive media productions. The position requires a flexibility and adaptability to sudden change. And as assistant, the person in this position should be able help the department chief in providing the right manpower to the right job demand. Helping employees advance careers at Universal is also one aspect of the job, and this makes it a very strategic position to assist applicants looking for jobs at Universal.

Project Manager for operations

Because the nature of the NBC Universal business is always tracking down life and sharing slices of life perspectives (news and entertainment), it doesn’t just stay in one place. Jobs at Universal are never dormant. Thus, being project manager for operations means always being ready for change. There’s always a new project to be made while current projects are still being concluded. The person in this position should make sure that operations go smoothly, unhampered by any sudden changes of schedule, venue, or personnel. Careers at Universal is so volatile that MBCU folks sometimes say that anything can happen at Universal. However, positions here are also given stability after being a regular employee.

How to Apply

To apply online for a job at Universal Careers, simply register at the website and fill out the application form provided. To go there now, just click on this link:

Career advancement is also encouraged after a period of internship.

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