Jobs at Walmart

Walmart is a US company that manages several discount department stores. Its major products are discount stores, neighborhood markets and Supercenters. In 2009, the company had a net income of $13.6 billion stemming from revenues of $404 billion. In terms of revenue, the company is the biggest public corporation in the world.

Types of Jobs at Walmart

You can look for specific jobs under the “Search for a U.S. job” header. The list includes Walmart stores, distribution centers, Sam’s Clubs, optometrist careers, pharmacist careers, corporate positions, driving trucks and various positions at the company website. The international careers give you the opportunity to work abroad.

Aside from the United States, there are also career sites in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.K. There are also recruiting events on the site listed. Aside from the job listings, the benefits of working for the company are explained on the page.

How to Apply for Jobs at Walmart

Step 1

Go to the Walmart career site at You can look for specific jobs using the search feature on the page. Look for the job that best matches your skills and interest. After you select a job, you will be taken to the hiring center and the application form.

Step 2

Read the terms and conditions before filling the form.

Step 3

Create a username and password. The password needs to be 7 to 11 characters long. Answer the questions that can help retrieve your password in case you forget or lose it.

Step 4

Log in by using the username and password you made.

Step 5

Your social security number will be verified. Next, make a personal identification number (PIN). It must be four digits, not in succeeding order. The numbers cannot be from your social security number.

Step 6

Decide if you want to answer questions about your ethnic origin and gender. They are optional.

Step 7

State which part of Walmart you want to work at (example, logistics, Sam’s Club or neighborhood market).

Step 8

You will have to specify your city, state and zip code. This will help you find the facility nearest you.

Step 9

Select the position you are interested in. These include management, professional or hourly. Select all the jobs you are interested in. Provide your name, phone number, address and email address. Specify the times and days you can work.

Step 10

You have to list two references. They cannot be related to you.

Step 11

Specify your employment history for the past ten years. Specify your educational background and skills. Answer the questionnaire. Click “submit’ when the form is complete.

Step 12

To upload a resume, choose “New Resume”. Click the “Create a New Resume”. Use the wizard to create a resume. Add the pertinent info.

Step 13

Once you pass the retail pre-employment assessment, you get the job.

You can also find a job application form at the kiosk behind the customer service center in any Walmart store. The info is similar to the one you will see online.

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