Jobs in Banks

Those looking for a career in money management can find many exciting job opportunities in the banking field that will provide them with skills and experience that will last a lifetime and aid in both personal financing and future career prospects. Several job positions available in the banking industry are outlined below.


Bank Teller

The most popular position in the banking industry is that of the bank teller. Bank tellers are responsible for communicating with customers on a face-to-face basis, handling money, and answering any questions that the customer may have. Bank tellers must be well-trained and disciplined in the art of calculating incoming and outgoing amounts, transferring customers to specific departments of the bank depending on their needs, and knowing which forms and other applications a customer may be required to fill out. Bank tellers can expect to receive an annual salary of around $23,000.


Credit Analysts

A credit analyst is rarely seen when first entering a bank, but may be located in a department near the tellers. Credit analysts are responsible for analyzing a customer’s credit score and working with the customer to finance various possessions such as real estate or vehicles. Credit analysts are also responsible for helping customers to budget their finances and pay off debts. Credit analysts can expect to receive an annual salary of around $41,000.

While customers may not immediately recognize the managers in a bank, they are often roaming the floor in order to ensure that all tellers, analysts, and other personnel are performing their tasks correctly and efficiently. Bank managers are responsible for training other personnel to do the specific tasks required for their position. Bank managers are also responsible for ensuring that customers are treated fairly and that conflicts are solved quickly and quietly. Bank managers can expect an annual salary between $37,000 and $49,000.



Bank security guards, like all other types of security guards, are responsible for maintaining the peace within the bank. Security guards are often posted near the front entrance and anywhere that large numbers of customers are or large amounts of money are handled. In addition to ensuring that no one is hurt and that conflicts are solved peacefully, bank security guards may also be responsible for distributing forms, answering questions, and performing various other tasks. Bank security guards can expect to receive an annual salary between $39,000 and $55,000.

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