Overseas Jobs

Whether it is to explore the world, leave troubles behind, or simply find work, many people are interested in jobs provided by companies that have overseas branches or exist only in a foreign country. While jobs may be found in virtually every field all over the world, there are several career opportunities that specialize in travelling overseas, which can be found below.



The most common overseas career that people know of is the military. While the military has many domestic troops that are responsible for ensuring homeland security or aiding overseas forces remotely, the majority of the military consists of ground, air, and sea troops that are stationed in other countries. These job opportunities allow service-members to travel, seek adventure, learn discipline, and stay active while receiving an education and a full-time paycheck.


Red Cross

For those who wish to work overseas, but do not like the idea of joining the military, the Red Cross provides most of the same benefits without the danger and commitment involved in a military career. The Red Cross is responsible for providing under-developed countries with food, medicine, and other resources that are limited or non-existent in the local region. The Red Cross allows its members to explore the world, help others, and receive valuable hand-on life experience while receiving a full-time paycheck and housing.



If both the military and the Red Cross seem undesirable, job seekers can also find overseas job opportunities in virtually any field related to medicine. While the United States, United Kingdom, and other developed countries have a surplus of doctors, many under-developed countries found in Africa and South America have very few hospitals and even fewer doctors to combat disease, wounds, and other health-related ailments. In order to receive an overseas job in the medical industry, job seekers must be qualified in a medical field and contact a foreign hospital that is need of personnel.



Like the medical industry, many under-developed countries have few engineers to construct houses, government property, and agricultural structures. Because of this, companies in developed countries often send engineers abroad in order to build various structures in order to enhance the quality of life in under-developed nations. Likewise, companies often send engineers overseas in order to build new branches and expand their own profits.

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