Pipeline Jobs

A pipeline is a large network of pipes that are used to transfer oil and other goods across long distances. Although pipelines are very expensive to construct, they allow oil companies to save millions of dollars in the long-run that would otherwise be spent on maintaining fleets of oil trucks and fueling stations. Because pipelines must be constructed correctly in order to avoid future problems and are hundreds of miles long, oil companies are willing to pay workers very high salaries to build them.

Where Are Pipeline Jobs Available

Pipelines jobs can generally be found anywhere that oil is extracted from the ground, such as Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and along the coastlines. Pipeline jobs can also be found overseas, but may be provided by foreign companies. Because pipelines are so long, pipeline workers are expected to travel often and live in harsh environments.


How Much Do Pipeline Jobs Pay

Pipeline jobs vary in salary depending on the worker’s position and location. However, pipeline workers can often expect an annual salary of up to $100,000 due to harsh weather, travel, natural hazards, hard labor, and the dangers associated with the job itself. In order to receive this much, however, pipeline workers can expect to be working on a contract.


What Will Your Living Conditions Be Like

Living conditions for a pipeline worker will vary depending on the location he/she is working at. However, most pipeline workers can expect to be working in very cold climates or near the coast. Pipeline workers can expect long hours of hard labor, low food rationing, and will often be working near wild animals far away from civilization. While the oil company will provide a store for workers or provide workers with housing near a small chain of shopping outlets, these stores will often charge high prices because they know pipeline workers have no other choice but to purchase their goods from them.


How You Should Prepare For A Pipeline Job

Once a worker has found a job for pipeline work, he/she should purchase clothes appropriate for the location and possibly arrange for goods to be shipped to his/her new location. He/she should also arrange a way to communicate with his/her family and friends before leaving and leave something behind for them to remember him/her by.


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