Resume Objective Examples

A resume objective is a brief introduction to a resume that allows the interviewer to decide whether or not the applicant would be a good fit for the available position. While a resume objective is not meant to give the applicant a leading edge that will immediately make the interviewer hire him/her, it will cause the interviewer to read the rest of the applicant’s interview rather than just move on to the next application.


Resume Objective VS Resume Profile

A resume objective differs from a resume profile because an objective focuses on how the applicant is a good match for the position, while a profile focuses on how the position is a good match for the applicant. Objectives and profiles are similar, but should be used in different situations. This is because a profile requires that the interviewer analyzes the non-professional aspects of the applicant’s life, while an objective specifically describes how the applicant is ready to adapt to the position in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.



An objective in the technology industry should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to work with both computer hardware and software as well as respond to issues that may arise spontaneously.


An example of this would be:


“Technology hobbyist with ten years of experience in data entry and five years of experience in hardware-related technical assistance.“



An objective in the financial industry should demonstrate the applicant’s understanding of stocks, taxes, dividends, charts, interest rates, and a respect for losses and profits.


An example of this would be:


“Business administration major with four years of experience in a corporate setting and up-to-date training in graphs, profit margins, and loss prevention.“



An objective in the education industry should demonstrate the applicant’s ability to provide students with the training they require while also working with students on a personal level in order to maximize their productivity.


An example of this would be:


“Four years of experience at Reynolds‘ Teacher University and three years of experience as a social worker. Spotless record. Ready for immediate employment.

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