Sending a Thank You Letter After an Interview

A thank you letter is a letter that is sent to a hiring manager after an applicant attends an interview for a job opening. Thank you letters are used to re-affirm the applicant’s desire to work for the company, inform the hiring manager about any issues that were not mentioned during the interview, and attract the hiring manager’s attention to the applicant’s resume. While thank you letters can take extra time and may not help the applicant get the job, they will increase his/her chances by showing the hiring manager that he/she is serious about the job.


Personal Information

The first section of a thank you letter should include the applicant’s personal information as well as the personal information of the hiring manager that participated in the interview. Whether the thank letter is in the form of an email or physical mail, the applicant’s personal information should include his/her name, address, phone number, email address, and date. The interviewer’s personal information should include his/her name, title, company name, and address.


Be Specific About The Interview

After the applicant includes his/her personal information, he/she should write at least a paragraph specifying the interview itself and thanking the interviewer for taking the time to meet with him/her. Hiring managers usually have several interviews each day and will not remember the specific details that were mentioned when meeting with the applicant. Therefore, the applicant should paraphrase several key parts of the interview, such as how enthusiastic and interested he/she is to work for the company.


Re-affirm A Desire To Work For The Company

The next part of an applicant’s thank you letter should be about re-affirming his/her desire to work for the company. In this section, the applicant should list several positive qualities he/she would bring to the company if hired and explain any skills or qualifications that he/she has that other applicants do not.


Include Any Details That You Forgot To Mention In Your Resume Or During Your Interview

The final section of an applicant’s thank you letter should be used to include any details the applicant failed to explain or inquire about during the interview. Factors such as promptness, a history of very few vacation/sick days, or an ability to work nights, weekends, and/or holidays are good to mention in this part of the thank you letter. However, the applicant should restrain from inquiring about his/her expected salary until it is mentioned by the hiring manager, even if it was not mentioned during the interview.

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